Exceptional breed for extensive exploitation focused on quality thanks to: its excellent performance on fertility and birth, its great longevity and good health, its good adaptation to the extensive livestock farming.

All this makes feasible its use for the production of a quality meat through the use of costly approaches, as is the extensive livestock farming, which confer some exceptional characteristics of the final product.


Meat of excellent quality, fine, tasty, digestible, low fat content, and with high carcase yields.

Ability to provide a great diversity of products, thanks to its ability to satisfy different approaches of processed, which depend on variables such as: the age and type of slaughter, and the type of feed .

All this has been recognized by numerous awards such as the “Prize for the Best European Cow” in the General Competition Paris Agriculture.


Its excellent organoleptic characteristics, its low fat content and its suitability for the extensive and natural breeding, make the meat of Limusín an excellent food, aligned with the current requirements of consumers as regards:

  1. Be a healthy food and of high nutritional value, with low fat content,
  2. Be a food appetizing and tasty
  3. Be obtained in a manner very similar to its natural cycle, in a manner that is respectful of the environment and without the use of means and facilities aggressive with the environment.

Here are some pictures of our cattle:

Ganado bovino limusin
Ganado bovino limusin
Ganado bovino limusin
Ganado bovino limusin
Ganado bovino limusin